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This is mostly a manga headcanon but, I believe that Usagi develops mild neck cramps from Luna laying on her head too much.
Source: http://kings-domain.tumblr.com/

This is mostly a manga headcanon but, I believe that Usagi develops mild neck cramps from Luna laying on her head too much.

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After meeting in Episode 140 of the anime, Yoshiki Usui remained friends with Usagi and would often invite her to visit his studio and sometimes let her try things on. Yoshiki loved the way his designs looked on Usagi, and how encouraging she was, and she became somewhat of a muse to him.

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In the future, shortly after Usagi becomes Neo-Queen Serenity, she decides to put up signs all over Crystal Tokyo saying “Princess Serenity Parking: All Violators will be Toad.” She uses these signs so she’ll always have a parking spot ready in that area.

And she’s serious about the toad part as if she finds her spot taken, she’ll use the Ginzuishou to turn the car’s owner into a toad. The Princess part of the sign is there to make her seem younger.

Chibiusa uses these signs as well when she grows older and is taking driving lessons from Mamoru.

Credit also given to Silvermoon424 for putting in the toad part of this headcanon

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Attention Defecit…

This one is somewhat based on the headcannon posted about a week ago and how the Silver Crystal makes Usagi flit from one activity and cannot concentrate…and it also molds based on what i go through on a daily basis

Doctors diagnosed Usagi with A.D.H.D at an early age…really, it was just the crystal but doctors don’t know that. Usagi had to take many many meds such as Ritalin, Adderal, Vivance, ect…but it did NOTHING. the meds only screwed up with her emotions…hence:

Why she always cried alot at the littlest things, got super depressed when mamoru left/died/mind control ect…she was an emotional wreck no thanks to the meds (no matter which one she was on) Unlike most meds though, it didn’t screw up her appitite as to be expected…it instead made it uncontrolable. really, that was just the silver crystal needing food and energy to keep alive lest it fade and die.

When she became queen and that transfer happened…her A.D.H.D went *poof* as if she never had it and it baffled doctors to no end because every doctor will tell you: You never out grow A.D.H.D :(

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Trying my hand at crossover headcanon…

Queen Aphrodite from Wedding Peach is actually Sailor Venus’ mother. So, if Angel Celeste is Aphrodite’s younger sister, then Momoko/Wedding Peach is Venus’ cousin.
If you follow the Venus family line back, you’ll find that Princess Serenity is her second cousin. This may give us a clue as to where the recessive gene for Chibiusa’s peculiar hair colour may have originated from: somewhere within the Venusian royal family.

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Had anyone just asked, Mamoru would have been open for a threeway with Usagi and Seiya. At least after ChibiUsa was born, anyway.

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Another Cosmos Headcanon

Sailor Cosmos IS the Usagi Tsukino we know. After becoming the ruler of Crystal Tokyo, Moon gave up and passed on the title of Sailor Moon to Chibiusa/Chibi Moon when she finally reached maturity.

When the war Cosmos refers to is set into motion, The new Sailor Moon and her guardians, the quartet, were unable to handle the threat, as the serenity and peace of Crystal Tokyo did not enable anyone other than Chibiusa herself to have real time fighting experience, only simulated training. Following her hearts desire to help her daughter fight, Usagi’s star seed evolved and awakened her cosmic powers.

The two struggled to fight the enemy on their own after the defeat of their allies, and in a careless move, Chibiusa was struck down. Usagi, in her grief, fled.

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Crystal memory

I was watching today, and it occurred to me that several times during battle, Sailor Moon has been able to have the aid of the spirits of people around her when she needs encouragement or help. This leads me to think that the Silver Crystal creates an imprint of allies around Sailor Moon, so that when she needs their help or is feeling discouraged, the crystal reacts on it’s own giving her the encouragement she needs from her allies.

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Why ‘Sailor’ Fuku?

This just came to me.

The time immediately before the Silver Millenium on the moon was a time of both magic and uncertainty.  Some people used the power at their disposal to try to divine the end of the Moon’s troubles and at some point received an image, perhaps from beyond the time gates of the girl who’s sacrifice would end the legacy of chaos in the solar system.  Except, to their confusion, the image they saw was Usagi as a middle school student, not a moon princess of their age.  But because of the clothing from this visual prophesy, the sailor fuku were designed in a hope that through emulating the design the destined person would would be more likely to soon arise. Perhaps the original design was more closely followed and then evolved over time to what we see in the series, or maybe, not being familiar with modern clothing or clothing construction techniques, the sailor fuku as we know it was considered to be a closer approximation to a school uniform than we would now admit.  By the time of the Silver Millenium the fukus were simply traditional.

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