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Zoicite actually has a massive inferiority complex. That’s why he’s so flamboyant - He feels that if he does that, he’ll somehow be able to compare to everyone else.

Zoicite actually has a massive inferiority complex. That’s why he’s so flamboyant - He feels that if he does that, he’ll somehow be able to compare to everyone else.

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Edited submission from shanna1003
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Edited submission from shanna1003

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Eight Kings?

I think that, rather than being all reborn in Tokyo, the Four Kings were each born in a region that is somewhere within the jurisdiction they would hold over in the Dark Kingdom once they were taken back into it (as recalled in the manga), and that this jurisdiction is also the one that they held over in their past lives as Endymion’s generals. For instance, Kunzite was head of the Dark Kingdom’s Middle Eastern Division, so I think that he was reborn somewhere in the Middle East, probably Saudi Arabia, and that he ruled that region under Endymion in his past life. I think that also accounts for his dark skin and Takeuchi’s notes saying he has the majesty of an Arabian king—not that having dark skin means he automatically has to be Middle Eastern or any other race than anime-Japanese, or that he has to be Arabian in order to have qualities of an Arabian king, just that it makes a nice fit in my head. I think that Jadeite (Far Eastern Division) was Chinese (hey, it’s anime, if Usagi can have blue eyes and blonde hair and be East Asian, so can he!), Zoisite (European Division) was French, and that Nephrite (North American Division) was born in the USA and was of mixed Native/white heritage. Fate drew them together just like the senshi though, even though they were so scattered, and they would have had a similar quest to find their prince…but Beryl and Metallia got there first.

The reason they would have been scattered is because Serenity intended it—she figured that if they were far away from each other and far away from her daughter was to be reborn (aka where the Silver Crystal, which would attract the Dark Kingdom, would be) then history would have a lesser chance of repeating itself…which it sadly did anyway. Of course, she didn’t deliberately think ‘oh hey, the senshi should all go to Japan, and Jadeite should go to China, etc.’, she just had a general force of will for the Princess and her senshi to be in the same place so they could protect her, and for Endymion to be there too so they could have a second chance at love, and for the Shittenou to be far away from that…so it turning out that Japan is the place that the Senshi all got reborn is coincidence, but the pre-existing connection that the souls of the Shittenou have to the lands they ruled caused them to be specifically reborn there in addition to Serenity’s will that they be separated from each other and the senshi for their own safety.

I’ve also always felt that there should have been/could be Kings to compliment the Outer Senshi as well, though I know that this messes up the “Four Kings” legend from Asian mythology that the ones in Sailor Moon are clearly based on…but still, in my head, there is/should also be a king of/from South America, Africa, India, and the Oceania regions (Australia, New Zealand, the island of New Guinea, and neighboring islands in the Pacific Ocean). Since all the areas that make up Oceania are islands, he would be counterpart to Neptune. The African one would be counterpart to Pluto because his region is where mankind first began on Earth and Pluto is the oldest senshi. The South American King would be counterpart to Uranus because the native peoples there originally practiced sun worship, and the sun is in the heavens, which is Uranus’s domain. And I think India matches up really with Saturn because of the Hindu deities of destruction/rebirth like Shiva and Kali. I realize this probably sounds a lot like fanfiction by now, but once the thought of ‘there should be more Kings for the Outers!’ entered my head, I couldn’t help pondering out what would make the most sense to me. (whatever I make up for their names/personalities/etc is the fanfic part where it stops being just headcanon, I think, but YMMV)

Also, there is no King from/of Russia (though I think that would be really cool, and I wish it DID fit in my headcanon but it doesn’t) because it is split between Jadeite and Zoisite’s respective regions.

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Long Shitennou thoughts. Ha.

Some of this may be slightly canon, but overall, it’s interpretations of the Shitennou.

The boys were introduced to the Prince at a VERY young age and they grew up together, much like the Senshi and Princess Serenity.  They knew they’d end up the King’s Hands from birth.

Despite his looks, Zoisite was always the brainy one.  He’d constantly be teased because of his looks and worry for appearance, and that pushed him to work harder especially when younger.  It didn’t hurt that he was naturally advanced.

Nephrite and Kunzite argue a lot mostly due to the closeness in their ages.  In the end, they lean on each other and are brothers.  But, they’re also very competitve.  Nephrite, more or less, gained a middle-child syndrome.  Since they weren’t too far in age, much of their training for guard happened together.  He’s the most likely to ignore Kunzite’s charge between the three, though he would never go against the Prince.  However, at the end of the day, he still respects Kunzite’s leadership.

The reason for Kunzite and Zoisite’s closeness wasn’t romantic.  Kunzite was nearly a decade older than Zoisite when he was introduced as a king’s guard and Zoisite was still a baby.  He was instructed that he would be responsible for much of Zoisite’s training since he was so much older, as well as be responsible for the young child’s safety.  He took the speech that was given to heart and even once Zoisite had proven himself, felt compelled to watch over him.

While Jadeite and Zoisite’s rivalry is for much of the same reason as Kunzite’s and Nephrite.  Their ages were so close that they were trained together.  While they still adore each other as brother’s, they feel the need to one-up the other.  And, while Zoisite fell mostly to Kunzite, Jadeite was spread more evenly between Nephrite and Kunzite, leading to similar respect for both of them.

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Crystal Tokyo…

… is just one of many Crystal Capitals around the world of the 30th Century forming an international alliance. And who better to lead four of them than the Earth’s original guardians, the Four Kings, given human forms by the Silver Crystal and returned to the continents they’ve always protected?
Crystal Tokyo may be the “capital of the world” in the future, but that doesn’t mean that nowhere else matters.

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I think that Ami just seems to automatically attract really effeminate men for some reason. I think this because of the popular fanon pairing of her with Zoisite and how Fisheye tried to seduce her in the manga. While I logically realize that Zoisite was only a femme sort in the anime, not the manga where the fanon Senshi/Shitennou gets its bits of canon basis from, and that Fish was probably only just doing his job and not actually into it for real with her…I still just can’t help but see it this way. Probably because it’s so hilarious to think about.

This also raises some interesting implications about certain secrets that Urawa may have.

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A Happy Ending after all

Right after Kunzite died in the anime, he was reunited with Zoisite and Kunzite then expressed his feelings for Zoisite and they lived happily ever after in bad guy heaven~!

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Human Shitennou

I love the thought that the Shitennou police officers are the human incarnations of the Shitennou in our time.
That gives us two human forms for Jadeite (Hanako, and the boy in act.1), and probably for Kunzite too, if Kuroi and Shin are two different persons, and probably also for Nephrite, if Akai and Nephikichi-kun aren’t the same guy.
But I can explain that! As I use this headcanon in some of my fanfictions, I developed a transformation system that allows it! It would probably make for a headcanon entry of its own, but to explain this one:
Think of how Usagi has four forms she can take: human girl in modern times, Sailor Moon, human princess, Princess Serenity. Seen from Sailor Moons point of view, she has access to both her contemporary human form and her earlier human form.
Seen from the Shitennou’s point of view, my headcanon is that they too can assume all the human forms they’ve ever had. So if for example Hanako was Jadeite’s most recent human form, he would still be able to transform into the boy he was in the past.
It could also be possible that they were reborn more than once, and had more human forms to transform into, or remember at least. Which would explain why Zoisite is so good at the piano, an instrument that did NOT exist ten thousands of years ago. Or why human Jadeite can read Japanese (okay, we only know he handles papers, we don’t know if he, or any other Shitennou, can read them).
Hm, this is a lot of explanations. But well, different human forms being avaiable makes my headcanon not contradict canon.
It wasn’t ME who came up with two different human forms for Jadeite after all. Although I can understand the urge to give him a role without the wig ;D

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