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Headcanon refers to something that isn't canon, but you've come to believe it just as if it were anyway. Think of them as mere opinions; ideas; bite-sized fanfictions. Whatever they are, they're interesting and entertaining. This is a Tumblog dedicated to Sailor Moon headcanon.

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Attention Defecit…

This one is somewhat based on the headcannon posted about a week ago and how the Silver Crystal makes Usagi flit from one activity and cannot concentrate…and it also molds based on what i go through on a daily basis

Doctors diagnosed Usagi with A.D.H.D at an early age…really, it was just the crystal but doctors don’t know that. Usagi had to take many many meds such as Ritalin, Adderal, Vivance, ect…but it did NOTHING. the meds only screwed up with her emotions…hence:

Why she always cried alot at the littlest things, got super depressed when mamoru left/died/mind control ect…she was an emotional wreck no thanks to the meds (no matter which one she was on) Unlike most meds though, it didn’t screw up her appitite as to be expected…it instead made it uncontrolable. really, that was just the silver crystal needing food and energy to keep alive lest it fade and die.

When she became queen and that transfer happened…her A.D.H.D went *poof* as if she never had it and it baffled doctors to no end because every doctor will tell you: You never out grow A.D.H.D :(

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